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Do you need a few hundred CDs or DVDs fast?

PSI's media duplication service is optimized for orders less than 1,000 PIECES and/or projects with tight turnaround times. Our state-of-the-art duplication and printing services produce the industry's highest quality optical discs.We take extreme pride in the quality of our products and throughout the entire process our discs are inspected to ensure the end product is flawless.

This service is great for lower volume sales from an e-commerce site. It virtually eliminates the need to pay up-front for finished goods that may sit in inventory waiting to be sold. Your product can now be manufactured after it's sold which dramatically increases your cashflow. Pair PSI's "just-in-time" manufacturing process with our fulfillment service and we can take orders from your website, process credit card payments and ship direct to your customer.

PSI offers live event recording and duplication services. Click here to learn more

PSI offers an a wide variety of packaging solutions from a basic paper sleeve, to a jewelcase or printed sleeve, to a full retail ready package.

Duplication Fast Facts

Best for orders under 1000 discs or fast turn

CD & DVD Formats

  • Audio CD: 74 minutes (650MB)‏
  • CD-R: 650 MB
  • DVD-R: 4.7 GB
Printing options:
  • black thermal printing:
    our fastest and most economical solution
  • full color everest printing:
    High quality digital full color printing for small orders
  • Silk screen printing:
    for full color printing or for exact color matching with specific PMS ink colors
  • Full color offset printing:
    for larger jobs requiring the highest quality full color print

Templates and Design Specifications Click here