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Media Tracker
Effectively Manage Content from Any Web Browser
PSI's browser-based MediaTracker™ media manager and reporting dashboard puts actionable data at your fingertips from the instant you begin distributing or streaming content over our lightning-fast content delivery network. MediaTracker delivers robust real-time analytics, self-service live event provisioning, policy-based content access protection, graphical richness and ease of use that are unmatched in today's market.

Tap into the Power of Real-Time Analytics
MediaTracker's enhanced analytics package provides byte-accurate reporting delivered from the edge within 30 seconds of the first delivery of a file or media stream. Multiple dashboard views group related pieces of information together at various levels of detail and show usage data in graphic-rich charts - including hits, transfer volumes, transfer speeds and abandonment. These real-time analytics enable companies to make decisions that affect their online content monetization strategies on a minute-by-minute basis, without having to wait hours or days for actionable data.

MediaTracker Puts You in Control
The MediaTracker dashboard puts the content originator in complete control over their content and campaigns. Users can easily upload, track, organize, move and delete all types of content, and then view content uploading and propagation across the network in real time. Through the MediaTracker interface, users can also set content protection policies on a per-folder basis, allowing for ease of security management and maximum control.

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