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On-Site CD/DVD Service
Take advantage of the investment you have made in your event to capitalize on the energy and excitement you have created with your audience through leveraging PSI’s Event Services. PSI’s Event Services can digitally capture, record, edit and duplicate your content to disc in less than one hour of the content being generated.

PSI has the ability to handle even the largest of conferences. We have the technology and resources to record dozens of simultaneous breakout sessions. In addition, PSI can create custom CDs or DVDs with selected breakout sessions or general sessions and package in single or multi-disc sets, ready for sale during the conference.

PSI’s Event Services also offer a physical store front at your event to sell your newly created CDs or DVDs. We offer technical and sales resources, cash payment and secure credit card processing services and inventory management.

Our success and experience in Event Services is second-to-none. Contact us today to have an Event Specialist discuss how PSI can make your next event have a profitable, long-lasting impact on your audience.