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PDF Conversion And Authoring
When you want to ensure that your content can be viewed without any compatibility or platform issues, the versatile PDF format is the only way to go.

PSI offers a full-suite of PDF Authoring and Editing Services. PDF-formatted discs can be viewed and printed from Windows, UNIX, Macintosh and other platforms. In addition, original documents can be scanned into PDF creating an exact replica of source data.

PDF services include the creation of:

  • Book Marks
  • Custom Menus
  • Custom Navigation
  • Table of Contents/Indexing
  • Document Search Function
  • Optimization for smaller file size and faster loading
  • Linking to internal or web-hosted pages or content
  • Embedded or linked audio: .wmv, .wav, .mp3
  • Embedded or linked video: .wmv, .mpg, flash
  • Slideshow Creation
  • Security Features: Restrict the printing and copying of text and images in your document
PSI can create a PDF from various sources:

  • Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint
  • Images: jpg, tiff, eps
  • Video: avi, mpeg, wmv
  • Audio: wav. Mp3, aiff
  • DVD content
  • CD content
  • Video Tape: VHS, MiniDV, Betacam, Umatic, DV-Cam, etc.
  • Video Formats: NTSC, PAL