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Creative And Media Services
Sometimes your digital content needs a little help. Maybe the audio or video needs some editing or you need to convert your PowerPoint and Word documents to PDF. You may not know what you want other than that you need to improve upon what you already have.

The media experts at PSI will work with you directly to create fully featured programs to ensure that your content is professionally presented on the media of your choice.

PSI’s Media Design and Editing services include comprehensive authoring, editing and encoding of audio and video files.

Our services include:

  • CD Authoring/Mastering Services
  • DVD Authoring/Mastering Services
  • PDF Authoring
  • Video Trans-coding and Encoding Services
  • Graphic Design

We specialize in and support the following media types:

CD: .wav, .aiff, MP3

DVD: AVI, Windows Media, Adobe, MPEG1, MPEG2, QuickTime, RealVideo

Windows Media
Adobe Flash

Downloads: HTTP, .zip